Acquisition by Ligand

Series B Preferred Stock

Spinout from Mount Sinai Health System

Partnership with AstraZeneca

Fairness Opinion

Merger with Daré

Acquisition of Zoladex

Merger with Capnia

Acquisition of Performance Optics

N. & S. America and India Partnership with Metuchen

Preferred Stock

Acquisition by Midatech Pharma PLC

Acquisition by Becton Dickinson

Acquisition by Boston Scientific

Strategic Investment by Hanmi Pharmaceutical

Acquisition of SPRIX® from Luitpold

Partnership with CureTech

Acquisition by Nicox S.A.

Acquisition of SPL

Series B Preferred Stock & Debt

Acquisition by Becton Dickinson

Africa, Middle East, & CIS Partnership with Sanofi

North American Partnership with Auxilium

Acquisition by Actelion

European Partnership with Menarini

Acquisition by Pfizer

Acquisition by Bionomics

Strategic Investment by Baxter

European Partnership with Baxter

Acquisition by Sanofl

Series B Preferred Stock

Series C Preferred

Acquisition of ROXRO

Acquisition by OriGene

Fairness Opinion for Acquisition of diaDexus

Acquisition by Clarient

Acquisition of PharmaForce

Global Partnership with Astellas for XTANDI

Series B Preferred Stock

Acquisition by Roche

Acquisition by Tethys Bioscience

Acquisition by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Series C Preferred Stock

Acquisition of Genomics Division by Ocimum

Series D Preferred Stock

Series C Preferred Stock

Acquisition by LabCorp

Series E Preferred Stock

Series C Preferred Stock

Series B Preferred & Debt

Acquisition by Genetix

Series B Preferred & Debt

Series C Preferred Stock

Acquisition by Nektar

Acquisition by Invitrogen

Acquisition by Fisher Scientific

Series D Preferred Stock

Acquisition by Agilent Technologies

Series C Preferred Stock

Our team has advised on over:
> 160 life science transactions*     > 14 billion in M&A transactions*     > 8 billion in financings*
* Transactions completed by principals, including those completed at other firms

Enzon PharmaceuticalsAbelcet product from Elan$360,000,000
Smith & Nephew plc Acufex unit of American Home Products$141,000,000
Smith & Nephew plc Advanced Tissue Sciences (Joint Venture Formation) $70,000,000
MDLAfferent SystemsUndisclosed
Ligand ALRT formed with AllerganUndisclosed
Marquette ElectronicsAmerican Home Products (Divestiture of Corometrics) $74,000,000
Gensia Aramed$38,000,000
Bio ParticipationsBecton, Dickinson and Company (Sale of Equity Stake of BMH S.A.)Undisclosed
Marmon Group BG SulzleUndisclosed
GenzymeBiosurface TechnologyUndisclosed
MedchemC.R. Bard$102,000,000
CephalonCephalon Clinical Partners Undisclosed
Ciba-Geigy Ltd.Chiron Corporation$2,000,000,000
Purdue FrederickCoCensys$9,500,000
Chiroscience Darwin Molecular $120,000,000
Johnson & Johnson DePuy$3,700,000,000
InvitrogenDexter and Life Technologies$1,900,000,000
Alkermes Enzytech$33,000,000
Protein Design LabsESP Pharma$500,000,000
Structural BioinformaticsGeneFormaticsUndisclosed
Bio-Technology General Gynex$52,185,000
Eli LillyIsis Pharmaceuticals$200,000,000
Pacific Dunlop Ltd.Johnson & Johnson Glove Business $98,000,000
PfizerMedivation $725,000,000+
Novartis Nektar$115,000,000
PerkinElmer, Inc. NEN Life Sciences $405,000,000
Autocyte Inc. NeoPath$96,000,000
GenzymeNeozyme II $109,000,000
Cell Therapeutics Novuspharma S.p.A.$238,000,000
Arca BiopharmaNuvelo Undisclosed
St. Jude Medical, Inc. Pacesetter Business of Siemens AG $500,000,000
Amersham International plc Pharmacia Biotech (Joint Venture Formation) Undisclosed
Incyte Proteome$77,000,000
Corixa Ribi Immunochem$58,500,000
Investor Group Roche (Sale of Cedia Diagnostics Business) Undisclosed
Pacific Dunlop (Ansell Int'l Unit) Smith & Nephew plc (Perry Glove Division)$55,000,000
Sulzer Medica Spine-Tech $595,000,000
IncyteSynteni $114,000,000
St. Jude Medical, Inc.Telectronics, Inc.$135,000,000
CentocorTocor II $90,000,000
Myriad Genetics (spin-off of pharma business) UndisclosedUndisclosed
St. Jude Medical, Inc. Ventritex, Inc.$363,000,000
UCB S.A. (Belgium) Whitby Pharmaceutical Subsidiary of Ethyl Corp. (Divestiture of Subsidiary) $63,000,000
Agensys$42,800,000    AGY Therapeutics$31,300,000    Alkermes$46,000,000
Amylin Pharmaceuticals$100,000,000    Ariad Pharmaceuticals$46,000,000    AtheroGenics, Inc.$20,600,000
Caliper Technologies$110,400,000    Censtor$20,900,000    Centene$18,000,000
Cephalon $125,000,000    Cephalon$45,000,000    Corgentech $50,400,000
DAOU Systems$12,000,000    Darwin $30,000,000    Durect$20,000,000
DUSA Pharmaceuticals$42,750,000    Gene Logic$20,000,000    Genentech$72,500,000
Genesoft $21,800,000    Gensia$26,300,000    Gensia $80,000,000
Genzyme$36,800,000    Halozyme Therapeutics $17,000,000    Halozyme Therapeutics$14,000,000
HealthCentral$22,000,000    IGEN$25,000,000    Insite Vision$8,800,000
Intermune$27,300,000    Invitrogen$172,500,000    Khepri Pharmaceuticals$11,000,000
LogistiCare$20,000,000    Martek Biosciences$20,300,000    Martek Biosciences$10,000,000
Maxim$20,600,000    Myogen, Inc.$66,400,000    Neocrin$16,000,000
NetGenics $17,700,000    Paradigm Genetics$28,000,000    Protein Design Labs, Inc. $150,000,000
ReGen Biologics$8,600,000    Repligen$45,000,000    Ribi ImmunoChem$12,000,000
Saegis Pharmaceuticals$30,000,000    Sciquest.com$37,500,000    Selfcare$41,500,000
Signal Pharmaceuticals$12,000,000    Skila Inc.$26,100,000    Solexa$65,000,000
Solexa$32,000,000    Sunesis Pharmaceuticals$45,000,000    Synergen$52,500,000
Targeted Genetics, Inc. $17,500,000    Targeted Genetics, Inc.$30,300,000    The Liposome Company, Inc. $15,000,000
Therion $10,500,000    Transgenomic $12,000,000    Transkaryotic Therapies $15,600,000
Valentis, Inc.$19,200,000    Xenon Genetics$44,900,000   
Array BioPharma$91,000,000Follow-On    Atherogenics$48,000,000Initial Public Offering
AutoImmune$56,000,000Follow-On    Axys$17,500,000Initial Public Offering
Axys$44,900,000Follow-On    Caliper Technologies $83,000,000Initial Public Offering
Centocor$64,700,000Follow-On    Centocor$132,800,000 Follow-On
Cephalon$89,700,000Follow-On    CoCensys$15,800,000Follow-On
Connetics$22,800,000Follow-On    Discovery Partners $103,500,000Initial Public Offering
Dura$160,300,000Follow-On    Dura$158,700,000Follow-On
Durect $96,600,000Initial Public Offering    Endovascular Tech.$24,000,000Initial Public Offering
Exelixis Pharmaceuticals$118,000,000 Initial Public Offering    Genencor International $145,000,000 Initial Public Offering
Genomic Health$47,000,000Follow-On    Gensia $68,000,000 Follow-On
Gensia/Aramed $50,000,000Initial Public Offering    Gilead$82,000,000Follow-On
I-Stat$35,200,000Follow-On    IGEN $30,000,000Initial Public Offering
ImmuLogic$25,800,000Follow-On    Incyte$34,900,000Follow-On
Incyte $92,300,000Follow-On    Intermune$125,000,000Initial Public Offering
Invitrogen$147,500,000Follow-On    King$91,900,000 Initial Public Offering
Lexicon Genetics $220,000,000Initial Public Offering    Ligand$38,000,000 Follow-On
MannKind Corporation$515,000,000Follow-On/Convertible Offering    Medicis $197,000,000Follow-On
Myriad Genetics$197,000,000Follow-On    NeoPath $60,000,000Follow-On
Novoste$55,200,000Follow-On    Orexigen Therapeutics$97,000,000Initial Public Offering
OrthoLogic $78,400,000Follow-On    Protein Design Labs, Inc. $362,000,000Follow-On
SangStat$42,000,000 Follow-On    SangStat $78,000,000 Follow-On
Seattle Genetics$100,000,000Follow-On    Shire$100,000,000 Follow-On
Sonus $20,000,000 Initial Public Offering    SpectRx$15,400,000Initial Public Offering
Sugen $24,800,000Follow-On    Sulzer Medica $620,000,000Initial Public Offering
Sunesis Pharmaceuticals$42,000,000Initial Public Offering    Telik $35,000,000Initial Public Offering
Uromed$40,000,000 Initial Public Offering    Variagenics$88,000,000 Initial Public Offering
Versicor $50,600,000Initial Public Offering